Five Villages Pharmacy

Travel Lists

.Consider health situation at destination.

See your GP to discuss vaccinations/repeat prescriptions/special medicines

Allow sufficient time for vaccinations usually 6 weeks minimum

Order sufficient repeat prescriptions in good time

Check if drugs you are taking are legal in destination countries

Take a photocopy of current prescriptions/notes for use

Keep enough medication in your hand luggage in case you baggage is lost

Ensure that your travel insurer is FULLY aware of existing   medical conditions

For Europe get your E-111 stamped at the post office and make a copy

Discover local hospital arrangements including payment methods

Ask GP for notes/ECG/other relevant papers about your condition if there is a real risk of treatment being required while you are away

Take proof of immunisation for certain illnesses, some countries require it

Note the generic names of medicines. Brand names may vary with country

Take a copy of the prescription for your glasses

If you have a pacemaker/metal hip/other joints be aware of airport security devices

Stick rigidly to anti malaria regime before/during/after trip

Have statement of relevant allergies/blood group/medical conditions

Check with airline about carriage of hypodermic needles/ refrigerated drugs if required

Sunburn/travel sickness/indigestion/migraine/diarrhoea remedies/insect repellent








Travellers cheques

Credit cards

Immunisation record

Second photographic ID

Insurance document/policy number

Photocopies of all important documents/tickets

International driving license

UK driving license

Money belt

Home address book

List of events/birthdays while away

Address labels with full address for cases to put INSIDE

Name/destination labels for outside of cases

Plastic bags for wrapping creams, leakable/dirty items in cases

Sewing kit

Baby wipes

Hats (hot countries)

Ear plugs for journey

Guide book


Inflatable neck cushion


Travel alarm

Glasses/contact lenses + cleaning fluid

Spare glasses

Sun glasses

Personal alarm

Foreign electric adaptor plug

Insect repellent

Travel sickness remedy

Swimming things